Credit Ratings

Rating agencies periodically evaluate the credit worthiness of VIVAT, SRLEV and Reaal Non-Life and publish reports. The credit ratings of VIVAT and the rating reports can be found below.

VIVAT SRLEV Reaal Schade

Fitch BBB (negative) BBB+ (negative) BBB+ (negative)

Moody's Baa2 (stable) Baa2 (stable)

S & P Suspended Suspended Suspended


20-06-2017 Rating Action
09-11-2016 Rating Report
19-10-2016 Rating Action
25-05-2016 Rating Action
25-04-2016 Rating Action
27-11-2015 Rating Action
13-11-2015 Rating Action
17-08-2015 Rating Action
19-02-2015 Rating Action
12-12-2014 Rating Action
11-06-2014 Rating Report


14-06-2017 Credit Opinion
17-11-2016 Credit Opinion
11-11-2016 Rating Action
02-11-2015 Credit Opinion
28-10-2015 Rating Action
22-07-2015 Credit Opinion
17-07-2015 Rating Action
19-05-2015 Announcement
23-02-2015 Credit Opinion
19-02-2014 Rating Action

Standard & Poors

12-11-2015 Research Update
19-10-2015 Research Update
04-08-2015 Bulletin Insurance Operations
17-02-2015 Research Update Insurance Operations
18-11-2014 Research Insurance Operations